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Archive for 'YFNC News'

Archive for 'YFNC News'

Easter to Pentecost: Thursday, April 26 “Be Ready In and Out of Season to Do the Work of God”

Life is filled with work. Many who are “out of work” lament the sense of not being useful. In some ways, culture has gone too far in making work, especially what we do for a living, define us. Even Christians get caught up in this philosophy of life and being and doing. If we do not have work to do,...

Easter ot Pentecost: Wednesday, April 24 “Love Is A Do Thing.”

Life is meant to include whimsy. Whimsy is not necessarily irresponsibility. Whimsy prevents responsibility from creating glum people. In her blog of April 20 ( http://rachelheldevans.com/bob-goff-love-does-review ), Rachel Held Evans wrote something of a review of Bob Goff’s book, The Virtue of Whimsy. She wrote, Bob’s book is “an invitation to live with a little more playfulness, a little more...

Easter to Pentecost: Tuesday, April 24 “Why do we have to “work” at being Christian? – Part Two”

Yesterday I was musing about the need to work at being a Christian. For much of my life, the whole concept was foreign. I mean, after all, if we are saved by grace through faith, if salvation’s gift is eternal life and heaven is the goal, what more do I need? Somewhere along the way I stumbled (or God led...

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