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Archive for 'YFNC News'

Archive for 'YFNC News'

Easter to Pentecost: Wednesday, April 18 “It is Important to do the Necessary”

I wrote yesterday of taking the “necessary” step to have our family cat of 13 years, Carmen of  San Diego, put to sleep. Now I know that I have put people to sleep when I preach, but that is not the kind of sleep I am talking about. “Put to sleep” is one of those euphemisms we use when we...

Easter to Pentecost: Tuesday, April 17 “An Important Loss”

It goes without saying, but I am going to saying it anyway, Jesus’ word about losing life in order to find is a bit oxymoronic. It takes no theological expertise to discover that. But when Jesus told His disciples that unless a person lost their life, they would not find it, it might have been more than a bit puzzling...

Easter to Pentecost: Monday, April 16 “The Impossible Possibility”

Believing that God has called us to be a holy people, suggests that God must make it possible to live such a life, or else God is commanding us to do what is impossible for us. Believing that what is impossible for us is still possible for God, we rely on God to fill our lives with all the possibilities...

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