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Archive for 'YFNC News'

Archive for 'YFNC News'

Easter to Pentecost: Monday, April 16 “The Impossible Possibility”

Believing that God has called us to be a holy people, suggests that God must make it possible to live such a life, or else God is commanding us to do what is impossible for us. Believing that what is impossible for us is still possible for God, we rely on God to fill our lives with all the possibilities...

Easter to Pentecost: Friday, April 13 “Are People Prone to “Do” Based more on What They Feel or on What They Think?”

Marshall McLuhan, was an educator, a rhetorician, a writer, and a professor of English literature. Though he was raised by a Baptist mother and a Methodist father, he became an agnostic. Only later in life did he return to the Christian faith. Of all the things I find interesting about this very creative man, the most interesting to me was...

Easter to Pentecost: Thursday, April 12 “The Importance of Experience”

In the Easter to Pentecost blog yesterday, I made reference Hemant Mehta’s “Friendly Atheist” blog. Mehta’s book, Sold My Soul on Ebay, includes information referred to in the blog. Mehta was once recruited, actually purchased on eBay, to collect some insights for Christian pastor Jim Henderson. Mehta asked the question, “If you were looking for God, where would you go...

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