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Archive for 'YFNC News'

Archive for 'YFNC News'

Easter to Pentecost: Monday, April 23 “Why Do We Have to Work at Being Christian?” – Part One

Sometimes you have to do some intentional work on your spiritual life. That which we often think comes “naturally,” in reality doesn’t. We shouldn’t fail to remember that our spiritual life in Christ is only possible by grace through faith. At the same time, we cannot fail to take full account of the discipline necessary to nurture our spiritual life....

Easter to Pentecost: Friday, April 20 “Small is Big When It’s Done for God.”

In her blog, a person who has become one of my favorite bloggers, Rachel Held Evans, often references fellow blogger (I know of no feminine counterpart to “fellow”), Sarah Bessey.  Recently Rachel quoted Sarah on doing “big things” for God. Sara wrote, “Here is the funny thing I learned when I began to dis-entangle from my Evangelical Hero Complex: I’m...

Easter to Pentecost: Thursday, April 19 “Hospitality as Doing for God.”

Okay, so if we’re supposed to “do” for God, what does this doing look like? I believe doing for God is displayed in the life of holiness, a life to which God calls all Christians. This holiness life demonstrates our ability to allow Christ to live in us, to live through us. Holiness living is living in light of Scripture’s...

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