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Archive for 'YFNC News'

Archive for 'YFNC News'

Easter to Pentecost: Wednesday, April 11 “Asking Inadequate Questions”

I peek. Every now and then, in fact, quite regularly, I check out websites and books from “the other side.” For me the other side can take on all sorts of definitions, but here I am not thinking about contacting the dead, or about people who believe in God in ways significantly differently than I do. Here, the other side...

Easter to Pentecost: Tuesday, April 10 “I like spontaneous, but is it enough when it comes to being Christian?”

I like spontaneous. But to relegate what it means to be a Christian to spontaneity alone pushes against intentionality and what it means to live intentionally as a Christian. Being spontaneously Christian apart from also being intentionally Christian may suggest that “being” Christian is all that is necessary. Divorcing spontaneity from interlacing it with intentionality suggests that any commensurate “doing”...

Easter to Pentecost: Monday, April 9 “And So We Begin”

I propose to write a blog during the season of Pentecost, that 50 day period between Easter and Pentecost Sunday, which this year falls on Sunday, May 27, 2012. During the season of Lent this year I felt impressed to begin asking myself, “What did I do for Jesus today? And, what will I do for Jesus tomorrow?” Those two...

  • Posted by: twelve60
  • Date: April 4th, 2012
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