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Sunday 10-22-2017 Service


Sunday 10-22-2017 Service     Sunday 10-22-2017 Service by YukonFirst    Today’s service begins with the worship team leads the congregation in song. Then Pastor Gary talks about how we are to be a reflection of the image of God.   Worship Set: 1. Here For You – CCLI# 5925649 2. All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name – CCLI# 25400 3. How...

Sunday 10-16-2017 Service


Sunday 10-16-2017 Service     Sunday 10-16-2017 Service by YukonFirst    In today’s service the SNU girls softball team joins the worship team to lead the congregation in song. Then Rev. Dav Starr speaks from Luke 10:25-37 of the story of the Good Samaritan. That God’s grace comes to us not to just help us, but that we can help...

Sunday 10-8-2017 Service


Sunday 10-8-2017 Service     Sunday 10-8-2017 Service by YukonFirst    Today’s service begins with the worship team leading the congregation in song. With special song from Gayle. Then Rev. Cableb Bechtold talks about how the things of this world can never satisfy, but that only a relationship with Jesus Christ can bring true fullness.   Worship Set: 1. Forever...

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